Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Upside down! :D Which side do you like better? You can request for symmetrical version too, if you're not into asymmetrical.

E80 Shell Bird
Bird-shaped shells, millefiori chips, white opalite Swarovski bicones, textured metal beads.
Length: approximately 5cm

The close-up of millefiori chips with tiny flower patterns on them!

The kindergarten I work in discourages kids from playing with guns in school, whether toy or imaginary. We always tell kids "No guns in school" who are shooting their peers with an imaginary gun. So on Monday, I wore this pair of earrings to school and my fellow colleague saw the pistol. She straight away chirped, "No guns in school!" I quickly took it out before the kids saw it. Haha! :p

E81 Arrested
Pistol charm and handcuff charm.
Length: 4cm
RM13 (sold out)

You know the drill! E-mail me at chanwaiyee@gmail.com or SMS me at 016-2061984 to order! Remakes ARE possible with NO extra charges, unless stated otherwise. ;)

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