Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Singapore Day 1 & 2

There were LOTS of lovely pendants on long chains in Orchard, Singapore. LOTS of butterflies, birds, swirls. I've finally succumbed to the trend. :p Found the best birdcage pendant in Far East Plaza!

I like how it is designed - it's only half the cage. The other half is open. Sorta symbolises that the bird is free to stay or to fly out. :)

I am pretty happy with yesterday - managed to cover most of the places I wanted to visit. Many thanks to my tour guide Jon! :D

He was pretty much tired because I disrupted his sleeping pattern. :p Thank you for spending a day with me! :)

Fried Mars Bar. Absolutely delicious. :) I'm tempted to go town for more!

The view of the port from Vivo City.

And finally, back home to celebrate my cousin's birthday. :) That's my cousin in red, niece who insisted on blowing the candle together with my cousin, my cousin-in-law and my aunt (mum's sis).

My purchases on Day 1! Birdy umbrella and Golla camera pouch. :)

Joan of Joan Bead Shop was so sweet to recommend me places to get beads. :) I haven't gone to Chinatown yet, Joan.. but will soon! Today my other cousin will bring me somewhere else to look at beads. Waiting til later in the evening!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Hello everyone! A quick post to announce that I will be away from 7-14 June 2009 as I will be in Singapore. Apologies for orders made during the last week - I can only ship your items on Monday, 15 June so you can make your payment during this week. I think it's best you don't text me, e-mail will do (I'm not sure about roaming charges, whether they charge both sides etc). :) I am able to be online quite frequently.

Here's a picture from the choir performance Be Our Guest, taken by Anselm and edited by Chris Sam.

A big shout-out to family and friends who came to watch.. thank you! :) and Agnes, thank you for texting me saying that you'd be watching too! Wish I got to meet you to say hi. :)

Wish I brought my beads and tools here too. Heheh. :p

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I think I must make a conscious effort to say thank you whenever I'm being featured. =s So, thank you, Little Accompaniments, for featuring my mermaid bookmark! :) It's here.

True, enough, it has been snatched up today by a lady. ;) Just so you know, limited remakes are possible.. limited enough to maintain the exclusiveness of my creation. Heheh.

In the same note, thanks to Detailed Wears too for featuring my Bountiful Violets bracelet. :)

Mermaids by the Bubbly Brook

Don't you think the mermaid looks gorgeous? :) I saw them in one of the beadshops I frequent and I knew I had to get them. The colours of the beads are refreshing to the eye too, with seashell and seahorse charms to complement the oceanic theme.

Upclose on the seahorse charm

BK016 Bubbly Brook
Mermaid metal bookmark, handmade glass beads from Myanmar, seahorse and seashell charms, crackled glass beads and Swarovski bicones.

Height of metal bookmark: 12cm
Length of the dangling part: 6.5cm
RM25 (3 sold!)

*Remakes are possible depending on the availability of materials*

Email your order using the format provided on the ordering page. Simple as that! :)
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