Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beaded Bookmarks

Hello there!

Finally am able to post up new creations! :) I present to you.. the first beaded bookmark in Chatterbeads.

This bookmark is made of black velvet ribbon, measuring 27cm, with a wide variety of glass beads and spacer beads hanging from both ends. It's a great keepsake and also a perfect gift for a bookworm! :)

I have been playing around with shades of green and blue a lot.. therefore, this bookmark is blue-themed. Should you wish to have it in other colours and in another ribbon length (shorter or longer), it can be done! Just email me. :)

BK001 Bookmark
Length of ribbon: 27cm
Black velvet ribbon, daisy spacer beads, metal beads, glass beads and millefiori focal bead.

Now at RM19 only!
(Excluding postage fee)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Im at Jaya 33!

It was sorta last minute that I agreed to be here.. whoops! This is my current stall, sharing with another friend, Alexandra, owner of jumpingbeads. I am leeching off the mall's wifi to update about the flea market here.. I'll be here at Jaya 33 from today until Sunday, 10am - 8pm (Sunday til 7pm).

Do drop by if you can! :) Laptop running outta battery.. :s Looking for a plugpoint to leech off electricity..

There's aircond here! :D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I had fever right after the bazaar.. sill recovering. =p Art for Grabs was exhilarating! I was rushing like mad to prepare for it and finally it's over now. Phew! I've got lots of pictures to share. Some of the shots are taken by Amanda. Thanks babe for helping me print the name cards and for bringing them to me. :)

Before that, lots and tonnes of thanks to my AUNT PI LI and UNCLE PETER for their love and help. They tirelessly pushed the heavy trolley loaded with my beads and carried the table from the car park to the Annexe for me. They sat patiently by me for the two whole days, helping me to sell and guard the money. They also bought me breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am deeply grateful for their help. :) Thanks, kuku and kucheong. I love you both a lot. :)

My stall at the corner, near the stairs. Also, that's my aunt and half of my uncle.

I should be more organized. Ahem.

My stall neighbour, The Establishment. They were selling keyboard keys as pendants, brooches and rings. I bought some from them too. =p

This was the main gallery, with a cafe upstairs!

Creative works by Evangelione and Miss Ireen. They used wall space! So creative! It wasn't convenient for them to bring tables as they came from JB, so they used the walls instead. :)

Joan of Joan Beads House and Shi Min of Charming Pieces! It was great meeting you both! :)

I bought these cute cupcakes for teatime from GG of Ngonyes! I toppled the whole thing.. that's why the colourful dotties got stuck at the other cupcakes. :s

Below are artsy shots by Amanda. :)

I like this picture of me. :D

These yummy earrings are made by Ciyou of Colors City, who shared a stall with Cindy of Crafty Bites. The cake slices at the bottom of the image are mine now.. muahaha!

Amanda told me that this stall sold our primary school days goodies, from candies to small games. A bundle of these stuff should be more than enough to evoke the nostalgic senses. :D

Mucho gracias goes to my beloved friends who came to visit me - Jane of Handmade Jewelry Club, Aunty Elaine and family, Cindy and Eddie, and 'Aunty' June! You guys made my day! :D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Art For Grabs Christmas

Chatterbeads will be there. :)

The Annexe Gallery presents
Arts & Crafts Bazaar
Dates & Times: Sat 20 and Sun 21 Dec 2008, 12pm to 8pm

Admission Free, except where indicated

The Annexe Gallery
2nd Floor, Central Market Annexe
Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50470 Kuala Lumpur
Tel & Fax: +603-2070 1137
Web: www.annexegallery.com

CELEBRATE THE MADNESS of last minute Xmas shopping with us at Art For Grabs Xmas Special!

Featuring more than 40 stalls selling art: art you can hang on your wall, art you can wear, art you can watch, art you can eat, and a whole assortment of arty things you never knew you needed until you see them in the flesh! That cool tshirt for your friend, that subversive movie for your dad, that angsty drawing for your ex. And don’t forget to treat yourself too - just for surviving this strange year!

EVERYTHING IS UNDER RM100 EACH. At The Annexe Gallery, it is Christmas at recession-friendly prices!

Yay they finally have a poster! So yeah. Chatterbeads will be setting up a stall at this bazaar! Click on poster to read more about it. Click on map to redirect yourself to know how to get there. Very easy via the LRT. Just stop at Pasar Seni Station.

I basically have a rough idea on what I'll be selling. I'm still thinking whether I would do charm bracelet customization there.. cuz it may take up much time. Yeah, I know it's kinda too late to be still planning how I want to run my stall! I can be quite a procrastinator. X( Trying very hard to change! Gonna be in my New Year's resolution.. again.

I'm also getting quite nervous about this bazaar thing. Come come and support me k? Come up and say hi to me! :) Hope to see you there!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I hereby need to announce that Chatterbeads will be on a hiatus from 6-14 December as the vertically-challenged owner will be off to Cameron Highlands and Ipoh.

So.. yeah. During those times, I will not be able to create new designs, post out your orders, nor reply your e-mails. You can still e-mail me your orders and enquiries, but I can only reply them after the 14th December (or maybe on that day itself). Thousand apologies for any inconveniences caused.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

2nd Offline Appearance

Hello people! Chatterbeads will be one of the art vendors in the Art for Grabs Christmas this year! Here are the details:

20-21 December 2008 (Sat & Sun)
The Annexe Gallery, Pasar Seni, KL.

I will be there selling necklaces, charm bracelets, earrings.. practically everything that I've created. Do come and visit if you're free ya. This will be a time where you can see and feel the items for yourself to clear your doubts about the items sold! :)

The Annexe Gallery's website provides info on the location and how you can get there and also a map. You can get to The Annexe Gallery easily by the LRT. Do click on the link to know how.

Hope to see you there! :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Angel Wing

N24 Angel Wing necklace
Angel wing charm and aquamarine chip on rhodium-plated chain. (Chip can be changed)
Length: 40.5cm
RM20 (4 sold!)

E100 Swirly
These are made of thin filigree-type-of-metal, so they are light.
Length: 7.5cm
RM10 (sold out)

Email your order using the format provided on the ordering page. Simple as that! :)
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