Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Blossom

One of the tiniest pair of earrings I've made. It's been a long time since I last used studs in my creations. Here's a simple pair - only one pair available. I picked the white flower glass beads from my bead stash. Found only two flowers, enough to make this precious pair.

However, one of the white flowers have a tiny chip on one of the petals.. so this pair is certainly not for fussy buyers. :)

the flower bead on the right has a little chip

Love the beadcaps - they're actually tiny leaves pointing northsoutheastwest!

E119 Little Blossom
White glass flower beads, aquamarine Swarovski bicones, leaves beadcaps on earring studs.
Length: approx. 1.5cm
RM10 only.

Email your order using the format provided on the ordering page. Simple as that! :)

Collecting Shells

This bracelet is almost the same as the pink and purple version I created for baby Natalie's mama. Instead of using the same charms as Natalie, I chose a variety of seashell charms.

B76 Collecting Shells
Seashell charms, a variety of glass bicones, crackled glass beads, cube beads, teardrop bead, faceted round bead on rhodium-plated chain.
RM32 (2 sold)

Email your order using the format provided on the ordering page. Simple as that! :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Facebook Group

Have you joined? Click click click to join the Chatterbeads Facebook Group! :)

It's not much now.. but am gonna develop on it soon.

I Will Be Away

Yep.. I'm heading to Tapah for children's camp tomorrow afternoon. Nolah, not as a participant, obviously. -___- I iss one of ze choreographers of the chewren's musik adventure camp. :D

Therefore, all emails will only be replied on Monday afternoon. I may not even get to receive any text messages as a friend told me that there's no reception at the campsite. Sorry for any inconvenience ya..

Red Roses

These are actually rose links.. for bracelets and necklaces, I guess. But the first idea that came into my mind when I saw these new arrivals was to turn them into earrings. They resemble a pair of rose stalks.

E117 Red Rose Links
Length: 4cm
RM18 (only 1 pair available) (reserved)

Email your order using the format provided on the ordering page. Simple as that! :)

Red and Black Storytelling

My sister brought a customer home three days ago - her former schoolmate. I know her since primary school days too, since we rode on the same school bus.

She customized a charm bracelet with the charms that she love. Both of them tried to make up a story with the charms that her friend chose.

My crazy sister came up with lots of nonsensical stories, but nontheless funny. "You wear dress and then your shoes and then you take a key and unlock your door and get out of the house. You get shot and then your heart fell out bwaahahahaha *more evil laughter* and then you become bird."

The story was revised many times, arranging and rearranging the position of charms to become the keywords. In the end, the story goes like this: "You wear a dress and then your heels, take a key and open the door to get out of the house. You love to shoot bird."

I like the first version better. XD

B75 Michelle K.
Red cube beads, black onyx chips, red glass bicones, black cube beads, clotheshanger charm, stiletto charm, heart key charm, birdhouse charm, heart charm, pistol charm and swan charm on rhodium-plated chain.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oriental Corals

These are the red coral beads which I've told you about. I love how they have floral engravings on them. I matched them with brass and copper, keeping it simple as to not to drown the lovely design on the red coral beads.

Don't be intimidated by their size.. they're not as huge as they look. The flowerpot was a miniature one. ;D

E116 Oriental Cinnabar
Bronze-coloured copper wire through oval red cinnabar beads with brass bead on bronze french earring hooks.
Length: 4.5cm

Email your order using the format provided on the ordering page. Simple as that! :)

Ice Cubes

Fancy something chunkier and icy-looking? :)

B73 Ice Cubes
Turquoise and clear glass cube beads in various sizes on rhodium-plated chain.
RM32 (1 sold!)

Email your order using the format provided on the ordering page. Simple as that! :)

Green Camouflage

While photographing the earrings outdoors, I saw this little green winged creature. Hiding from me? Good try.. haha. :)

I HEART macro photography though I often take unsharp images! Wheeee!

Brass Flutters

Here are some brass flutterbys for you! :) Simple and sweet.

E115 Brass Flutters
Brass butterfly beads, fire opal Swarovski bicones on brass french earring hooks.
Length: 3.5cm
RM13 (1 sold!)

Email your order using the format provided on the ordering page. Simple as that! :)

Rockin' horses

I used to have a rocking horse when I was younger! :D Here are two versions of rocking horses earrings - brass and gunmetal. I used fire opal Swarovski bicones to match the brass horses and superduper shiny and cosmic-looking Montana AB2X Swarovski bicones to match the gunmetal horses.

I only have a pair of each, so grab them fast! :)

E113 Rockin' horses (brass)
Brass rocking horse charms and fire opal Swarovski bicones on brass french earring hooks.
Length: 4cm
RM17 (unavailable)

E114 Rockin' horses (gunmetal)
Gunmetal rocking horse charms and Montana AB2x Swarovski bicones on gunmetal french earring hooks.
Length: 4cm
RM17 (sold!)

Email your order using the format provided on the ordering page. Simple as that! :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Songbirds Needed!

If you think you've got what it takes, do apply for the audition! Read on.. Currently, rehearsals are held in Bangsar every Sunday night and occasional Thursday nights. I'm an alto in this musical. :)


TCS (The Canticle Singers) is looking for 4 tenors and 4 baritone/basses to complete the cast for the stage musical TWO FROM GALILEE for which rehearsals will begin in May 2009 and for staging will be in October 2009. This dramatic musical which was conceived in the 1990s and has been staged around the world, eventually making it to the Peter Sharpe Theatre, Symphony Space on Broadway; in November 2006. H.K. Chong and Chin San Sooi serve as Music Director and Artistic Director of this production with a cast/chorus of 35.

Interested singers/performers are invited to apply for an audition. Performers should be competent to sing in their respective voice parts (i.e. SATB) both in standard choral formation as well as in random voice formation. If you do not know what SATB stands for please do not apply. Teamwork and bonding are important even though you may already be considered a soloist. A high rate of attendance, commitment, discipline and hard work is required irrespective of your prior performing experience (e.g. Istana Budaya, KLPAC, Lincoln Centre, Covent Garden, etc). Learning and working together is a life long process. A willingness to learn therefore is important. There is a minimum age requirement of 21, unless an exception is made. If the foregoing scares you then, you are then not the right material we are looking for.

Before writing in please visit www.thecanticlesingers.com for more information on our background and to complete the online audition application form. Please take note that all our performers are are unpaid.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Perfect for formal dinners, matched with an elegant evening dress.

E108 Persian Princess
Round diamante balls and Swarovski bicones.
Length: 6.5cm
RM19 (3 pairs sold; no more remakes)

Email your order using the format provided on the ordering page. Simple as that! :)


Here is a pair of earrings which reminds me of soap bubbles. I saw a string of clear round glass beads last Saturday, and I was drawn to the perfectness of the finish. The way the light is reflected makes them look like bubbles. Kinda pricey. but worth the buy! :)

E107 Glass Bubbles
Round glass beads and crystal AB Swarovski bicones.
Length: 4cm

Email your order using the format provided on the ordering page. Simple as that! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wordy Announcement


Just a brief note to tell you that I'm still here! :) And I'm sorry for the lack of frequent updates, but fret not! I'm excited to tell you that I have new designs, coming on their way! They're sitting on my table now, waiting to be photographed.

I went to KL for bead therapy after many many days of not being able to go to KL after my kindy work. Phew! It was kinda therapeutic which turned stressful when I couldn't decide on which beads to buy and the financial budget I was on.. yikes! I bought lovely beads like turquoise-coloured agate tiles (can't wait to wire-wrap them!), cube glass beads which look very icy and round glass beads which look very very much like bubbles! Besides that, I also found red oval coral beads with floral motifs carved on them. It looks like red coral but the texture doesn't suggest red coral.. kinda greasy and rubbery to the touch. Reminds me of rubber stamps. :p Still thinking of a design with those oriental beads.

Last Sunday, I was approached to give a beading class to a group of ten mothers in my church. It's gonna happen this afternoon. I hope it'll go well.. am co-teaching it with my friend, Sui Ling who makes wonderful Swarovski earrings. :D I'm having sore throat now, and I don't know how I'll be able to teach without a voice.. hehe! Let's see how it'll go. :)

Oh yeah, looky looky looky I was in New Straits Times two Saturdays ago!

folded it like hamchoy pulak. :s

I've got a whole lot of people to thank - Alex of Jumping Beads who recommended me, Suzie and Jehan (please correct me spelling if it's wrong! It's a sin in journalism to spell someone's name wrongly, aye?) of NST and the sweet photographer who took nice shots of my creations. :) Thank you!
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