Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Talking Beads?

Kenny asked me this during the fair in college:

"Chatterbeads.. hmm.. your beads can talk wan ah?"

I gave him that -__-" look. Haha.

I thought of naming this site Chatterbeads because of how I can talk nonstop about beading with another bead enthusiast friend when I first started this idea of online business. I wanted names like beadology or beadophile but they were all taken (some by people who just put up ONE post only). JL insisted that I should name it noobbeads (because he claims I'm a noob at everyhing). -__-" I refused.

I thought about a name that would reflect on me and the first thing I thought about was how excited I can become when I talk about beads and my poor friends would be swimming in jargons like eyepins and headpins.

Hence, the name Chatterbeads is bestowed upon this little site of mine. :) Welcome.

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