Wednesday, November 12, 2008

To-Do List

I'm still alive! Wheee!! Just finished 40 bracelets I was commissioned to make. Phew! Thanks, Cindy and Yvonne, for giving me the opportunity. :)

Charlotte, your birdy ear studs are ready! And I'll get to work soon with the chrysanthemum earrings for your friend before tomorrow. :p

I need to get started on new designs.. Cineleisure flea market MAY be my next challenge in mid December. No promises yet, don't wanna disappoint you. ;) Will file you in once the application's approved! Excited excited excited..

I realized I have a LOT of overdued projects.. let's see. There's Guats' wedding necklace which I am very honoured to make, and Aunt Kim Lan's pearls waiting to be strung with crystals into necklace and earrings, and Aunt Katherine's precious stones waiting to be wire-wrapped. Also, Kay Yi's bracelet and earrings waiting to be repaired and I gotta count the price of June's custom-made bracelet. Did I miss out anything else? Oh yeah, gotta shop for amber-coloured stone to match Carol's pendant/earrings. And Krystle's dainty musical earrings and Christin's blue sunstone bracelet by Sunday.

I promise I'll update soon! Holidays coming soon.. CAN'T WAIT!


Jan Banks said...

congrats girl! i can see business is booming! :D

Steve Wong said...

Wow!! 40 bracelets, that is not bad :) Keep it up~!!!

June said...

yo... haha.. remember to ask me during the dinner ya.. dont forget.. :D

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