Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Angels We Have Heard On High

I can't believe that this picture has been sitting in my Picasa album for so long and I forgot to show them to you! Hehe! Created these angels like, two months back but never featured them here pulak.

These angels are created as handphone charms, but they can be customized as anything you want. Yes, ANYTHING! Such as bag charms, pendants (one girl did), earrings or charms on a bracelet.

I actually have a MYRIAD of colours for the gowns of the angels. Not every colour is here. I just picked the shades of a colour pencil box to display here. Hehe. Missed out amethyst. And the opaque colours.

M9-Angel handphone charms in rainbow hues
RM10 each ONLY!

The cool shades (mint green, apple green, turquoise, pale blue)
RM10 each

The sizzling hawt shades (pink, red, amber, yellow, clear)
RM10 each

Don't they look dainty? Hehe. Order yours now!

Email me at to order! Refer to my sidebar for very simple ordering format. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Black and Red

After created Krystle's handphone charm in the previous post, I started to like black and red. I find that this colour combination gets more attention when I wear it to go out. Hehe!

Here's the charm bracelet with the new butterfly charms I said in the last post - pretty!

Butterfly charm bracelet with black onyx faceted round beads and red glass bicones on a rhodium-plated chain
RM30 (sold)

And here's something to match the bracelet:

Butterfly charms earrings
RM10 (3 pairs sold)

Still on the red and black note, this one's made of Swarovski crystals:

E51-Swarovski hoop earrings (black and red)

Comes in pink too! Or any colour you wish for, really. :)

E50-Swarovski hoop earrings (pink)

On a hematite note, this pair of earrings are full of shiny light black hematite beads in different shapes and sizes.

E53-Dainty hematite earrings. Hematite cube beads, hematite chips, hematite sphere beads and hematite star-shaped beads.
RM14.90 (sold)

Email me at to order! Refer to my sidebar for very simple ordering format. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Red Hot

Krystle requested for red, but I spiced it up more with black. Looks devilish! :D

Code: M11 Beaded handphone charm (red)
A mixture of metal beads, acrylic beads and coral chips (in red, clear and black).

Secret Garden

As a child, I enjoyed this story by Frances Hodgson Burnett. My book was pictorial, so I could see how beautiful and colourful the secret garden became, after the children worked hard to revive it.

This bracelet reminds me of it, colourful and flowery after hard work has been put to it. Hehe!

Code: B55 Secret Garden
A mixture of glass beads, Swarovski crystals, clay rose beads, glass leaves, cat's eye beads, watermelon tourmaline chips, freshwater pearls and opalite chips on a rhodium-plated chain.

Email me at to order! Refer to my sidebar for very simple ordering format. :)


This one was specially created for a girl named Angel. It spells her name very well! :)

Charm bracelet with round faceted glass beads, angel wings charms, dragonfly wings charms and a fairy angel charm on a rhodium-plated chain.


Code: B49 Red Candy
A butterfly charm, swan charm, heart charm and a dove charm with pink glass bicones and swirly red glass heart beads that look like yummy candies on a rhodium-plated chain.
RM33.90 (sold)

Get ready for Christmas!

Code: B50 Funky Holly
Christmas holly leaves charms and round faceted glass beads with unique cubed lampwork beads on oval chain links.
RM30.90 (sold)

Code: B51 Under the Sea
A starfish charm, a seashell charm, an a fish charm and a heart charm with round faceted glass beads and glass bicones on a rhodium-plated chain.
RM29.90 (sold)

Code: B52 Pink Rose Garden
Round glass beads with pink swirls in them which look like roses with glass bicones and metal flower beads on oval chain links.
(Only one available, no more stock on the special beads already.)

Code: B53 Sepia Memories
Made of black onyx round faceted bead, transparent black, clear and brown round faceted glass beads with a fairy angel charm, a funky flower charm, a baby shoe charm and a butterfly charm on rhodium-plated chain.

Code: B54 Lake Garden
Round chalcedonite beads with a swirly leaf charm, metal leaf bead, campanula flower charm and metal flower bead on a rhodium-plated chain

Code: E45 Treble Clef earrings

Code: E45B Treble Clef earrings with Swarovski crystals

Code: E45C Swarovski Crystal Treble Clef Earrings

Code: E46 Dainty musical earrings
Treble clef charms, glass bicones, crystal quartz chips, opalite chips and faceted round opalite beads
(Length: 6.5cm)

Code: E47 Brown Amber Earrings.
Brown faceted round glass beads and amber glass bicones.

Code: E48 Cluster of Sea
Made of Swarovski crystals in shades of blue and green.

Code: E49 Red Coral Earrings
Made of red coral chips
RM10 (sold)

Email me at to order! Refer to my sidebar for very simple ordering format. :)

Unintended Hiatus

Sorry folks, for keeping you waiting! I actually have new new new designs of charm bracelets that i'm DYING to publish here.. but I've just been either too busy or too tired. Thousand apologies.

On the other hand, I've been hunting for new charms, and I definitely have a growing collection of them already, all waiting to be fitted into a charm bracelet! The latest are these really sweet butterflies, the best I've seen so far. I've actually come across lotsa butterfly charms, but none of them look nice enough. Hehe. Yeah, I'm picky. =p So yeah, will show you soon!

I hope to be able to update later tonight, so watch this space! Weather's been really hot these days, and the mozzies are swarming around. Couldn't really bead in peace. All these modern mosquitoes can even tahan mozzie repellent. Like, whaaaaaat?! Putting citronella incense under my table hardly helped.

Anyway, I'm digressing already. I'll be back!
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