Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It's been exactly three months this blog is not updated.. I'm sorry that I have disappointing you every time you come to this blog in hopes of looking at new designs. Currently I have lots in my hands to juggle, work, studies and assignments. So updates and new designs will not be a common sight here from now on. :(

(Unless it's school hols and semester break!) :D

I also apologize for delayed replies to your emails.. you are not forgotten. I'm just.. slow.

I am also rather annoyed at the spam I've been getting on my chatterbox.. no matter how much I delete and block them, they keep coming back. Sigh.

I hope my dear customers are doing well ya. Rest assured, this blog is not closing. :D


J said...

Hey. Remember you asked on my blog about Mustard Tree in Ampwalk? Well, my friend went there recently and said that she couldn't find it so I think it's closed. :(

(Sorry it took me so long to reply. I don't go to Jln Ampang area a lot, bcos of the traffic)

Anonymous said...

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david_hatton said...

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Sasmita said...

No problem. get ready with some great idea for the next post.
happy thanksgiving day

Agnes Sim said...

gambateh!!! ;-)

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